The Two Revolutions

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In comparison to the two Revolutions, the French revolution was true whereas the American was a pseudo-revolution. This is because the French has many more characteristics of a real revolt. Many of these things include the inept ruler, Louis XVI. Much of the problems that plagued France were due to Louis' loss of power in the capitol and uncaring for the individual. This is in comparison to the Americans who revolted against the most minor of changes and their unwillingness to accept these changes. Many of these included minor taxes on products such as tea, or stamps, a 2-4 % tax increase compared to the 20-24% in mainland Britain. France was suffering more from the tax hikes on the most basic necessities such as salt. This gave them reason to revolt whereas the Americans had no reason at all. Take into account, also, that France was starving for food and relief where America was complaining for unnecessary objects, etc.

So, in conclusion, France had more of a revolution than America ever did.

In comparison to one another the French and American Revolutions had too very distinct stages of crisis. In the American Revolution the majority of George Washington's 15,000 men Continental Army were French soldiers. Washington's men were clothed by the French, the rifles they used were French, and French gold paid their wages. The importance of foreign intervention cannot be over looked. The American Revolutionary forces seized control of the British colonies at Yorktown in 1783 as the British made peace. George Washington was put in power in the United States as the leader of the victorious freedom-fighters. The new nation which declared its state of independence in 1776 was founded upon the "natural rights" philosophy of John Locke, the English philosopher. Following ideas and values embedded in the...