Twyla Ludwig, Christian missionary to Africa. Short dissertation on her ministries.

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In the wilds of Kenya, in a small Christian village called Maseno lived a small, stout lady named Twyla Ludwig. She had come from the United States to liberate the natives from the terrible bonds of sin and ignorance. Twyla came all the way from having a good life as a wife of a farmer to living as a doctor, teacher, and missionary to the middle of Africa. Twyla had the will and the strength to follow God whichever way He led her, even if it was to the "Dark Continent."

Twyla Ludwig, or "Mama" as some of the natives affectionately called her, was a woman who would do anything in the name of the Lord. This even included leaving her "comfort zone" in America to go to Africa. She took her whole family; minus one daughter who had just got married recently, with her because she felt the Lord had called them all.

She was very stubborn. When things were looking grim, she kept pushing until the goal they were shooting for was achieved. This is the theme for the book. Her first success was her husband, John, to agree to go. She persistently asked him until he put the house on sale for a very high price. When Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig first requested to be sent to Africa by the missionary board, they were rejected. Time and again they faced failure until they were accepted. God then provided a buyer who wanted the property so much he would pay any price for it.

Another example of this was the building of the women's school in Maseno. The women in Kenya were dying because they couldn't treat a simple wound correctly, deliver a baby, or of just plain ignorance. Miss-I Ludwig-I, another name for her because most...