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Ever since the first documented sightings of UFO?s the discussion of fact or fiction always surrounds the writings. UFO is short for unidentified flying object; some people refer to them as ?flying saucers?. ET is short for extraterrestrial, or alien. Since records have been kept, there have been thousands of reported UFO sightings and abductions by aliens. According to Gallup polls in 1996, 48% of Americans believe that UFO?s are from another planet (Watanabe). Although astronomers and scientists think that the probability that UFO?s could have visited earth from such far distances is extremely limited, a small percent of the US public still believe that UFO?s have visited earth.

There are many reasons that UFO enthusiasts believe in UFO?s. Many people believe that UFO?s have visited earth because the governments so called ?cover-ups? are not believable, and are always changing. ?This won?t lay to rest. The psychology is simple: People believe what they want to believe.

In New Mexico, flying-saucerism has become a minor industry. There are whole museums dedicated to the presentation of outrageous fictions.?(Brouad). Many Abductees have been returned miles from their homes, or some times in their bed, their head where their feet should be. Some people have been returned to their bed with their pajamas, or nightgowns inside out. These factors make people believe that UFO?s have visited Earth.

Uneducated people usually believe that UFO?s do exist, because they usually do not understand Einstein?s theory of relativity and the many complications that are involved in space travel. More than 95% of people that have witnessed being abducted or that have sighted UFO?s believed that what they saw was real. Roswell was probably the most legendary UFO sighting in history. It was left unexplained, and over 4,000 people report observing at least one ?flying saucer?. There was...