UFOs this paper is a research paper about unexplained sightings, hoaxes, and the Roswell incodent. This paper is complete with parenthetical sitations and a work sited page.

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On August 19, 1947, a Gallop poll was taken and revealed that nine out of ten Americans were familiar with flying saucers(Randles,63). When people hear UFO today, words come to mind such as: alien, flying saucer, paranormal, and outer space. UFO sightings have been disputed for many years. Many of them go unexplained, others are proven to be a hoax, and some are thought to be government cover-ups.

Flying over the Cascade Mountain Range on June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold spotted a formation of UFOs flying north from Mount Baker, he saw a formation of bright objects moving at an incredible speed. Arnold used Mount Rainier and Mount Adams as landmarks and timed the flying objects traveling past one mountain to the other. The objects were estimated to be traveling at about 13,000 miles per hour(Randles,59).

After UFO sightings occur, strange people often visit. These people are usually dressed in dark clothing and have a very mysterious manor.

These people are known as Men in Black. Men in Black persuade people to give up any tangible evidence of UFOs. On May 24, 1964, a fireman from Carlisle, England named Jim Templeton took his daughter out to the marshes to take some photographs. That day, there was a strange aura in the air, it seemed to have a strong electrical charge around them(Randles,156). Days later, Templeton has his photographs developed. It appeared that there was someone standing in the picture behind his daughter, but there was no one at the marshes that day but Templeton and his family. No one could figure out what the figure in the picture was, it appeared to be a man in a silvery white suit(Randles,157). Kodak offered free film for life to anyone who could solve the mystery of what was in the...