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First and foremost, my primary goal and main focus of attention is graduating at the top of my class in Laurel High School. This benchmark is both nearest and possibly the most easily attainable, one might think. While scheduling my classes beginning freshman year, I chose to enroll myself in the most challenging courses available to enhance my high school learning experience and simultaneously better preparing myself for college level work. One of my best choices was taking advantage of an opportunity to concurrently enroll in an actual college class. This was somewhat of a reality check and gave me the real picture of what college is really like and also earn a few college credits while still in high school.

Using these credits from accelerated courses to my advantage, I am able to become closer to my most important milestone of graduating with a degree from an accredited university.

Optimistically I will able to handle an enhanced course of study and possibly earn my degree in three and a half years. With a degree in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering in my possession, I will be able to confidently enter the work force. Computer programmers/technicians are becoming more and more integral to our modern society and the opportunities only grow proportionally to time.