Underground Railroad

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Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad was used for slaves who evidently, grew tired of the way the southern whites treated them. Though, the name says that it's an "Underground Railroad" it was given that name because of the way escaped slaves had to be carried out secretly. It did not contain a railroad nor was it underground. Never would slaves (those who knew about the Underground Railroad) escape during the day time; it was secrecy that led them into succession. The darkness helped a lot for a disguise; slaves who carried babies had to be under a hallucinogenic drug called, opium. The leader of this slavery escape route was a strong African ex-slave named, Harriet Tubman, since she was the leader of the whole thing a $40,000 reward was put on her head, dead or alive she became the first activists. To the slaves she was an absolute hero; to the white slave owners, not so much.

That's the reason why her reward was so gigantic. Thousands of slaves became missing, driving the cotton business and farming to slow down. Everything Harriet Tubman did angered the Southern whites.

When escaping, rules were heavily reinforced. Slaves were not allowed to go on roadways. Instead they used the North Star or "moss" to find their direction. There also was a code that meant "secret escape route", the slave would be inserted into stations and was assisted north. In here is where they would meet a nice couple named, Levi & Catharine Coffin. These two were legendary. They were definitely an important part of the process. They owned a Fredrick style home that would be used as a hiding place for escaped slaves. In the 20 years they lived in Newport, Rhode Island. Coffin has helped over 2,000...