When understanding the clients that you are working with

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When understanding the client that you are working with, the social worker must look at all of the problems and the environment the person has experienced. Instead of looking at the weakness your client may have, you must focus on the strengths they have and help on building the strengths. You must avoid putting yourself above the client and not use words or language they may not understand.

"Most Individual problems are social problems caused by social and/or economic injustice"

The first thing a social worker needs to do when dealing with a client is to identify their needs. The social worker should look at the environment the client has been exposed to as a key to understanding your client. The focus when working with the client should be on his or her individual strengths rather than pathology. The social worker should look at the marco, mezzo and micro-level problems that the client may face.

The only way a person can grow and develop is to exploit their strengths.

One of the most important things a social worker should keep in mind when helping a client is their right to self-determination. Self-determination is highly valued in our society. People who are self-determined make choices based on their preferences, beliefs and abilities, take control over and participate in decisions that impact the quality of their lives, take risks and assume responsibility for their actions, and advocate on behalf of themselves and others. Self-determination is one marker of adulthood, and self-determined people are viewed as worthy of respect and valued by others(ARC, Self-determination, 2003). The social worker must let the client decide what is right direction to solve whatever problem they are having and help them work towards these goals. The client must have the final say in the form, direction,