An Unfair Society

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An Unfair Society

In today's society males and females are not the same. Males are designated as the stronger, dominant sex; while females are considered docile, timid, and the weaker sex. Males are considered "real men" when they engage in many sexual relations at once, when they feel they have conquered a huge battle, or when they are drinking the most amongst their peers. Males are constantly given this "crown" as if they have achieved something special from society. Males are treated so differently then females, it makes one wonder why males and females are on the same planet if females are not necessarily needed for anything but babies, cleaning, and cooking.

Males excel as sports heroes, the economic provider, and as high achievers on the SAT (Standardized Achievement Test) testing scores required to enter college. "On the 1998 SAT males were thirty-five points (out of 800) ahead of females in math and seven points ahead in English."

(C. Sommers 382). Although male's scores are relatively high in these areas, males often do not complete the training through secondary education for lack of interest. "Sons rush through homework assignments and run outside to play, unconcerned about how the teacher will regard the sloppy work." (C. Sommers 381). As the male species grows into maturity the theory is instilled in his mind. Males rush through projects and simple tasks to get to things more enjoyable like sports, fast cars, drinking and courting females. Males generally do not accept the concept that "a college education opens the doors to a good job and career." (Neusner 96).

When evaluating the National Assessment of Educational Progress program administered to high school students to measure achievement at all levels of ability females soared higher then males in several areas. Between "70,000 and 100,000 students, drawn...