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University of Phoenix Material


Native American Peoples

Situation prior to discovery

of New World Family Relations

Man was responsible for Hunting, traveling for the trade and looking for work as a laborer

Women were responsible for taking care of the children and the household. Also looking over and caring for the crops and plants.

Families would often live together 2 or 3 couples at a time with their families. That would allow for better balance of things to be done like hunting and fishing and taking care of plants.

They would often move their "camp" a couple times of year depending on the weather and where the best resources would be depending on the season.

Good agriculture in different locations would allow communities to be anywhere from 100-200 people or even thousands if the resources to survive were available.

Situation during arrival of

invaders to New World Lack of respect for Indians

Settlers mistreated the Indians.

Settlers thought the Indians were more of a nuisance than anything and really did not see what they had to offer.

They would rape the women. Trade women and torture the families.

They also did not understand the culture the Indians had.

Indian women in some areas made final decisions in government but settlers saw them as half naked women with no rights or purpose outside the home.


Diseases spread rapidly due to disgusting living conditions. Thousands of Indians were killed.

Indians were also unhappy with the settlers' ways.

They felt as though they had no respect for the land, plants and animals.

Settlers destroyed tons of land and plants to set up "permanent" housing rather than relocating when needed.

War/Fighting style change

With the new world brought horses. Indians were used to fighting on foot with bow...