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Teachers in today's society earn only $1430/month. How can we put a price on our children's education, especially that small of a price? Children in today's society deserve the best possible education and how are they able to get that when the teachers are not getting a fair salary? Every since the first day I walked into elementary school I realized I wanted to be a teacher. I am not really sure what it was but something just set off a spark which has continued to get brighter and brighter over the past 13 years. During these 13 years I have been able to practice my teaching skills by working hands on with children, whether it be baby-sitting, tutoring, or just playing I was always working one on one with children.

Only this year I was fortunate enough to be able to be involved in the Alexander High School Interning for Life Planning Program which allowed me to work with children hands on for a semester.

This helped me see what being a teacher was all about. Everyday I had papers to grade, a lesson to teach, and children to work with. Without the opportunity to participate in the internship program I would only have a few ideas behind what it was like to be a teacher.

I was also part of the Alexander FFA PALS program. This program allowed me to work with a 3rd grade class once a month and teach them new and interesting facts about holidays, famous people, and amazing places. Since I already know what it's like being a teacher when I enter college it won't take me very long to get through it. I am hoping to attend Ohio University and get my bachelor's degree in education.

An average teacher's salary is about $1880 per month. When I become a teacher I plan on moving far away from here so, hopefully, my salary will be a little larger than that. If something happens and my career goal falls through I plan on becoming a flight attendant. I have always loved to fly and becoming a flight attendant would be a very good career goal for me as well. The only schooling a flight attendant needs is to go to go to a flight attend school which lasts approximately 5 weeks. After the five weeks is up and the attendant is hired they are kept on probation for almost 1 year.

"If you want to move people it has to be toward a vision that's positive for them, that taps important values, that gets them something they desire, and it has to be presented in a compelling way that they feel inspired to follow," Martin Luther King stated in his "I Have a Dream" speech. By being a teacher I hope to try to move the students toward a vision that's positive (college) instead of not giving them a push and telling them which way they should go.