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So what do you do when the one you love tells you they don't love you anymore? Do you crumble inside, crying your eye's out? Do you tremble with every breath you have, gasping for air? Or do you shut it all out, pretending nothing matters anymore? Right now I am struggling between the two choices.

Someone so right (perfect) in every way does anything with you, even putting together puzzles and playing scrabble., all those meaningless games.

All of those games and time shared were worth more than that to me, they were the love we shared with each other! Is this what a broken heart is? Do you hands rumble along the pages as you write? Do you tears drip constantly, rolling off you cheeks onto the paper below? Please tell me why my heart bleeds? I have inflicted no wounds! I have only givin myself in entirety, maybe thats my crime...believing

in her.

Does she feel what i feel, or even understand my pain? Her eyes looked like stone when she said she loved her ex-boyfriend, and kicked me to the curb.

" Get you shit " she exclaimed, as i cried out ....... " WHY" Everything was peachy and fine the night before.

What happened over night? A part of me has died and entombed.

Talk of wedding bells and children once filled our conversation.

Where did that go? Is it me? Is it her? Is it US? Confusion is my worst emprisonment.

I am enslaved by her substance, her "LOVE", her everything.

God give me the strength to hold on! Lord give me self worth to go on! How does perfection sour? How does love spoil? Where does it end? Is it here? Why? I am surrounded by these demons,. these questions without answers.

Emotions build inside, churning my stomach, twisting it like a wet rag.

Its only been an hour since she called, or I did, I cant recall which, and my head is on overload.

Not knowing why seems to be the hardest part to deal with.

So what do you do when the one you've givin your ever last ounce to, ...... you heart ......you soul........your body, one day tells you they don't love you anymore? Because i would really Love to know!