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Franklin Delone Roosevelt By: Russell Freedman 11/8/01 Franklin was born on January 30, 1882 just south of the village of Hyde Park, New York. Franklin came form a very wealthy Family, his father owned Springwood it was the Roosevelt country estate. His father name is James and his mother's name is Sara.

Franklin did not attend public school his mother tough him how to read and write before he was six. He was born for success he also had tutors whom tough him Latin, French, and German along with the usual. Every second of his day was scheduled - up at seven, breakfast at eight, lesson with his governess form nine to noon, an hour for play, then lunch and more lessons until four, then he was allowed to be on his own until supper. He spent much of his time around grown-ups so he matured quicker than the other kids so he did not quit fit in with the other kids so he did not have that many friends.

Every thing they did was first class if they went on a trip it would be on their private rail car etc. Most rich boys like Franklin go away to boarding school when they turned twelve, but Franklin stayed home under his mother's wing until he tuned fourteen. In 1896, he entered Gordon, an exclusive Massachusetts prep school; usually rich kids would go away to an Ivy League Collage. At Gordon, they were expected to live by strict rules, show the proper school spirit, and act like gentlemen. After he graduated from Gordon, he attended Harvard, after he graduated from Harvard he goes into politics. He would travel around to little towns and meet every one and ask them stuff like what could be changed and what and what he could he could do to help them. After that, he would give a speech to the whole town. At first, he was kinda of shy, which was weird because of his background, but he did it any ways. He spoke slowly, every now and then, he would there would be a long pause in his speech, and he started every speech with "My Friends". However, he got better he to give two or more speeches in one day over like a month time.