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INDUSTRY STUDIES QUESTION 1. (a) Student -centred learning could be described as student-independence learning. The student has to some degree the ability to choose the time and place of study, the methods and order of studies and can vary his pace of study as well as the length of his studies to suit his needs. Student-centred learning puts the students needs to a large extent first. Having a learner-centred approach gives students options in the pace of study, the method of delivery of courses (e.g satellite, mixed mode, tutorial support classes), order of study, composition of courses to suit individual needs.

Open by dictionary definition means: unconfined, without barriers, accessible. By broadening student input to learning under the guidance of teachers and the industry assisting students to make informed decisions the system is 'opened' and can provide the following benefits: Access is no longer confined to a narrowly defined group The time and place and mode of study are determined by the student The student knows progressively how he is going and what his weak points are (competency-based assessment).

The student largely determines what is studied and how learning occurs as he is given more learning responsibility. (Student is urged to: seek out reference material, ask further questions, relate principles to his circumstances, try different styles of answering questions) Recognition of prior learning both as industry experience and other outside studies will enhance Oten courses as feedback from student to teacher in answering questions will refine existing courses.

Student -centred learning must be incorporated to remove traditional barriers and hence allow an Open Learning environment to flourish. The more a student becomes involved in his learning process the more likely he is to stick at it. Open learning is about being available to everyone no matter what his or her...