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Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman American Dream Corrupted Intially into the play, I was captivated by the theme, a man driven to suicide due to work. This occurs almost on a daily basis because our culture is so consumed on being consumed, I cannot understand why. Why would someone commit themselves to such unhealthy lifestyles and for what reason? Did Willy want his family to have everything money could buy, very rich in monetary value, but very poor in family values? I suppose the Loman's might have had plenty of monetary items, as a result of the lying and cheating that occurred through the short span of the life we read about.

What the Loman's lacked in were plenty of family values. It's hard for me to read about a family who allows their children to steal a football or cheat on a test. Corrupting them and allowing them to do what is blatantly wrong.

I was raised on those fundamental principles that lying and cheating bring no good into the world, or into your life.

Ironically having more does not make things better. More things simply mean more bills, more work and leaving less time with the family. In a way Willy Loman wanted all these things so his way of life could be improved and perhaps that of his family as well. He worked like a mad dog, not appreciating that the little things in life are important. Willy was exposed to this on a daily basis and that drove him mentally insane, creating images and situations that were not physically there. All of Willy's outburst and personality waves affected his two kids greatly. Leading one of the kids to momentarily break ties with the family, and making the other child attention driven.

The memories recalled in the play are almost always disappointing for Willy. The inevitable occurred to Willy with the most Ironic twist, he committed suicide and now he is finally at peace. The insurance money from his suicide has allowed the family to pay of the bills and live debtless for the time. It's an unfortunate thing that Willy ended his life, but it seemed inevitable. Our modern day society is so consumed on having more, which in theory makes others think you live better. The reality of it is that most of us are happy with the simple things. Perhaps one day the American Dream will revolve more on family and less on what that family owns.