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Reflection Statement I think the school is taking the "easy road" and doesn't want to be liable for anything therefore they make all these rules that prohibit anyone on campus to have fun. The campus is becoming more and more unbearable by the moment. On the weekends it is so boring there is no one here except a whole lot of public safety. That is why people enjoy them selves and use substances, but the university doesn't look at any of these aspects realistically. The university is living in the 1950's and very ideal 1950's at that. The policies are so dated it isn't funny. Not being able to have a member of the opposite sex in your suite sounds like something out of a Mormon school. What is the university afraid of…………that the kids (I mean to say students but that how the university looks at them) are going to have sex? The students are all 18 and over who cares.

It isn't like the kids can't have sex before 2 am and after 10 am. That's such a weak rule and position. I cant even come up with a reason why they made that one other than to reign down on the students with a little life inhibiting catholic morality which in itself is rather foolish. But back to the alcohol rule…that's just there because the university doesn't feel like being responsible for students who are drunk. That's college and there is no way they will stop it so I think the university should decriminalize it. It should be if you're under 21 you should be written up. Why wait until your in graduate school to let someone drink. I will be a 21-year-old junior and your going to tell me I can't drink. That's not agreeing with...