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The Silent Killer Intro- Hello everyone, if you don't already know, my name is Greg Mrowka, and I'm here to talk to you about the silent killer, smoking. My goal in telling you about smoking is that you yourselves will not one day become a casualty in the war on smoking. I myself am already in the numbers as one of the addicted, potential casualties. From experience, and through witnessing many deaths on behalf of smoking I believe I am well qualified on telling you about this subject.

Goals- Firstly I will tell about the propaganda behind smoking and what influences people to turn to smoking, then I will tell you about the ill-effects that smoking propositions for all of it's customers, and finally I will tell you about how to avoid or quit smoking.

Influences- The first and seemingly strongest influence is peer pressure Second are advertisements made to young teens and children as well as a majority of the black community Oral citation-Of all people who have ever tried a cigarette, 88 percent tried their first cigarette by age 18.

- "Tobacco Use Among Young People: A Report of the Surgeon General," 1994, p. 67.

Citation-Every day, the tobacco companies get about 3,000 new customers -- kids.

- 3000/day new customers: JAMA, January 6, 1989 Ill-effects-several diseases can be contracted from the use of cigarettes., these include: cancer, hair loss, wrinkles, buerger's disease, psoriasis, heart illness, impotence, cervical cancer, ulcers, discoloration of teeth and fingers, osteoporosis, hearing loss, etc All of these ailments will be detailed on the visual aid How to quit or not smoke- The easiest ways to prevent smoking are simple, most smokers start smoking at a young age, if you don't smoke while your in school, you are more likely not...