Uphill Battle In Congress

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1) History of Wish List: WISH stands for Women In the House and Senate. This name is a misnomer because the group only endorses Republicans and is very active in contributing to state gubernatorial and legislative campaigns. Founded in 1992, WISH was created specifically to fund Pro-Choice Republican women. WISH's claim is that their group is the first PAC to exclusively fund Republican women. The model for WISH was taken directly from the powerful Democratic Pro-Choice women's group, EMILY's List. WISH is firm in its stance that it will only contribute to specific candidates and not parties. The WISH List is led by for Congresswoman from New York, Patricia Goldman. Goldman is a long-time Republican and feminist leader. She was Executive Director of the House Wednesday Group, a collection of moderate Republicans, and was an active supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. WISH is commonly known around Washington as one of the faster growing PAC's in America.

By 1996, the WISH List was already raising 1 million dollars annually for their chosen candidates. WISH has successfully endorsed candidates like New Jersey governor Cristine Todd Whitman and Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Currently, of the 19 female Congressional Republicans in office, 12 are endorsed and funded by the WISH List.

2) WISH List's organizational structure: In 1995 Wish list moved from a small office in New Jersey to the Nations capitol Washington D.C. Today it has a president, an executive director, and a board of directors to run the operation. Candidates must ask WISH List to support them, they don't just offer, and they then send a questionnaire for that person to fill out. This lobby also has review committees that decide whether or not to fund or even endorse a candidate and if the committee is split the whole...