Uranium Mining - Negative effect on deserts

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Uranium Mining in Desserts can have a major negative effect on the plants and animals living within. I am strongly against uranium mining and believe that it should not be carried out for the following reasons.

Uranium mining cannot operate soli on its own unaided. It requires the construction of roads to transport heavy machinery and of course mined uranium. By building roads we are destroying the plants and landforms of the desert. We are destroying the animal's habitat. We are destroying food and this could have an effect on the animals living in the desert and the people who rely on desert plants as a source of food, for example 'Bush Tacka'. What are the animals going to eat when their food plant food runs out?

Mining Management may try to prevent and reduce destruction of plant crops and landforms but there is still a chance that desert plants can be damaged due to Uranium mining.

Uranium mining has a high radiation level. There is a risk that plants and animals can become radiated. Uranium dust can form very easily. Sure, mining management may try to prevent radiated dust from forming but it is extremely hard. If radiated dust forms then plants and animals can become infected with radiation. Desert plants will then become unfit to eat. There is a high chance that the animals in the desert will become very ill and possibly die. Radioactive waste may also be left behind after uranium mining and this can of course harm the animals and plants.

Pollution from radiation can also cause the water system in the desert to become polluted. If this happens then there will be serious problems for the animals and plants that rely on a water source. The animals need water to survive and...