Urbanization in Toronto (can be applied to basically any city in north america)

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This essay will discuss the coexistence of rich and poor immigrants and the social status each held. Also this essay will discuss about how the immigrants from different ethnic backgrounds lived as a whole, examples of ethnicity, housing, Victorian style buildings will also be given. The issue of social standards and how each level of society lived and treated each other will be brought up as well.

During the 1880 through to the 1920 before the automobile was generally used the "downtown" Toronto was a great mix of the poor and rich citizens. This was due to that fact that there was no way of travel other than taking a horse drawn carriage (which were only for the rich people), and walking. If you were an immigrant or lower class worker you would walk to work. This creates a problem for the size of the city. This was because that the workers had to live within walking distance to their jobs.

A walking distance was about one half hour to an hour walk. Since a person walks about four miles per hour the maximum distance a low class worker could live from their place of work was about two to four miles away. However it was not just the workers that had to live within this two to four mile distance to their place of work, the rich also had to live within about the same distance. This was because even though the wealthy were rich they did not have the means of faster transportation than the carriage. These carriages were drawn by horses. The horses walked about 4 miles per hour too. So the rich and poor lived side by side from the lack of faster transportation. Although with the invention of the streetcars, bicycles, automobiles and a better...