US Airways Strategic Plan

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AbstractIn this paper, Team A will describe a brief history of US Airways and discuss the products and service it provides as well as the financial picture of the company for the last five years. The paper will also explain the culture and management of US Airways as well as what the mission statement is, how the organization is structured, and how US Airways use decision-making strategies. Finally, an analysis will be conducted of the motivational strategies that US Airways uses; like, employee empowerment, selection and training, and incentives that US Airways offer. In addition, the team will analyze the benefits of working for US Airways, including quality programs, managerial roles, goals and objectives, how their performance appraisals work, what kind of alternative work schedules as well as what kind of stress management that is incorporated and leadership styles. Now let us look at a brief history of how this company began.

US AirwaysC.S. Robinson as Robinson Aviation founded US Airways. Its primary business was aerial photography for the government. Since there was a war going on, most of the airplanes stayed on the ground and since business was slow Robinson made the decision to start taking passengers to different destinations. His first flight was in April of 1945, he was flying a Fairchild F-24. This is a tiny three-passenger plane, of which he had two. With a pair of "F-24's" Robinson managed to fly 900 passengers to their destinations by the wars end. Seeing the market for air travel Robinson knew he would need approval of the Civil Aeronautics Board to be recognized and authorized to operate as an airline. He also knew that if he wanted to start his own airline he would need to get the funding from some serious investors. He talked to the Grange League...