US And Europe: WTO

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The future of US and European trading has always been a sticky and sensitive topic for both unions. In the July 22, 2000 article about trade issues between Europe and the US on bananas, hormone treated beef and genetically modified foods, it is clear that the European Union (EU) are having problems with the US about trading such items with countries like, France, and seek to ban such trading to happen. Along with the EU's system of quotas on audio-visual products and the funding of Airbus's A3XX, the European Union wasn't happy with what has been offered in terms of trading. So much so that it has refused and denied American exporters millions of dollars in sales to countries such as Spain and Portugal each year and have favored other countries in trading goods rather than trading with the US. Their claim has always been the safety of the foods and protecting their homeland, their identity and the products/lifestyle that makes up that identity.

To purchase genetically modified food and hormone treated beef would be a slap in the face for a country who values natural food products and what it symbolizes. The same goes for the audio-visual products and the funding for Airbus's project. EU wants the best for its union and not for it to be brainwashed in American media and lifestyle. In most of these disputes, the EU is at odds with the WTO rules. All in all, EU's bottom line is protecting its identity from US products and marketing efforts.

The US on the other hand, is pushing hard for fair trading regulations and has retaliated against the EU's system. In terms with all the food products, if science states that it's safe, why not use it? Even if the product is sold, you'd...