US Constitution vs Indian Constitution

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The Constitutions of the Iroquois Nation and the United States of America are both similar and diverse. The Iroquois Confederacy Inhabited the North American Continent thousands of years before Europeans arrived, and contained five Nations: Seneca, Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, and Cayuga.

The Constitution Brought together and Bound them, and thus was a familiar document amongst the inhabitants by the Colonization Era, and furthermore was an influencing factor in the forging of our American Constitution. In 1787, in the Pennsylvania State House, James Madison and the other Framers of the Constitution began their deliberations on the content of the Constitution. The general groundwork came from reviewing prior government laws and operating procedures, accepting those ideas that worked for their main vision of democracy. One such prior government was the Iroquois.

Borrowed from the Iroquois were the three branches of government, Power of Vito, Ill Leader Status, Impeachment, and two legislatures. The Power to Vito is an exclusive power of the President, or Fire Keepers, to refuse to admit a decision by legislature.

The Ill leader status occurs when the President falls ill and cannot fulfill his duty and responsibilities, and inserts his spouse to cover until he is able to return. This is similar in that the Iroquois constitution states that if a confederate lord is ineligible, for example infancy, idiocy, blindness, dumbness, or impotency, an appointed deputy shall take on his duties.

Our Government is divided into 3 Branches: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. Similar to the Iroquois Three Parties: First Party is Tekarihoken, Ayonhwhatah and Shadekariwadeare, second Party Sharenhowaneh, Deveonhegewh, and Oghrenhgowah, third Party is Dehennakrineh, Aghstawenserenthah, and Shoskoharowaneh. The Business of the three Parties in Government is Similar to the United States 3 Branches. Last, The 2 Legislatures of two houses that everything has to go through. In Iroquois,