Use the form in Appendix C to critically analyze the 5–7- Post your completed Appendix C to the Individual newsgroup.

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Article 1: Information Source Reference Information:Allen, M., Calabresi, M., & Donnelly, S. B. (2006, May 22). Immigration. Time, 167(21), 24.

Briefly state the main idea of this source or article.The article covers points on how the White House is going to tighten border security.

List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea.The Senate released security border funds to aid in controlling the borders.

National Guard troops and aerial drones have been approved by President Bush to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border.

1,000 new customs agents to view and focus on documentation.

How credible is this source or article? Explain.I believe the information reported by this article is true and accurate. Time magazine has been known for its tenacious to ensure credibility of its articles and is a trusted source by many for its accuracy.

What rhetorical devices does the author use? How effective is the use of the devices?The author of this article used a loaded question.

It is effective because it makes you think if the tools being authorized to be used, will work to stop the illegal flow of immigrants.

List any examples of bias, fallacies, or faulty reasoning that you found in the source or article.I don’t feel the author used any of the example in this article.

Is the author’s argument good/bad, valid/invalid, or strong/weak? Explain.In my opinion I believe the author used a good, valid, and strong points. Relating to a good, the author is assuring that the information presented is accurate. Validity in this article is true, because it has been reported by multiple sources on what types of actions the White House is taking to suppress illegal immigration.

Are any non-factual issues addressed? Is moral, legal, or aesthetic reasoning included? Explain. This article was...