Using two paragraphs, from book 2 of the Prelude Illustrate how Wordsworth has learned to appreciate Nature for her own sake.

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Through the Prelude it is clear that Wordsworth has always recognized and appreciated Nature's presence, even if it was not the primary focus of his enjoyment and activities. In paragraph 2 Wordsworth reflects the energy he had when he was younger "We ran a boisterous course" emphasising in particular his love of group pastimes. This paragraph links to verse 13 book 1 when Wordsworth and friends were ice skating and reinforces the childish fun he once delighted in. The use of "span around with giddy motion." Demonstrates time speeding up, also the fact Wordsworth seemed to be longing for something different now he's growing up reflected in his inclusion of "desire". This is emphasized with the contrasts Wordsworth applies with "regular" and "calmer pleasures".

Wordsworth refers to Nature with high regard in this passage (and many others) "winning forms Of Nature were collaterally attached" he expresses his admiration towards her which is clear through his use of "winning forms".

Wordsworth also provokes this idea that when growing up, whatever he did Nature was always connected. Nature was an intellectual concept for the Romantic poets, Wordsworth's increasing interest in Nature and emphasis on the need for a more free and personal expression, which comes through in this passage highlights his change and heightened awareness of his environment. An adult quality is created through the inclusion of "scheme of holiday" Wordsworth shows himself beginning to plan ahead suggesting his progress into adolescence, this is reinforced with "every boyish sport, less grateful" forming a mature nature with his newly found satisfaction in different interests.

Wordsworth looks back to a boat race he had once or maybe many times enjoyed with friends "To sweep along the plain of Windermere With rival oars;" the use of "plain" creates an image of glass, implying perhaps the...