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Individuals enter the workforce as a means for survival. The success they experience within their career is indicative of the degree of seriousness to which they afford their work. The challenging part would be the approach one takes to ensure their success. The principle of right and wrong, also known as ethics is to elucidate our decision making process and possibly avoid satisfying human greed and selfishness. There are actually many ethical theories to consider when working with others and making decisions. One of the theories is utilitarianism, which I believe to be the ideal theory. Utilitarianism would be considering the "greatest good for the greatest number." (Desjardins, Joseph) That would mean that any action you take is for the benefit of everyone and not an individual. I agree with this theory for many reasons. First, when applying utilitarianism to business, it means "maximizing the overall good."(Desjardins, Joseph) It would mean making better decisions to satisfy the interest of the majority.

Second, when applying this theory to politics, it means "existing for the well-being of all and the economy would exist to provide the highest standard of living for the greatest number of people, not to create wealth for a privileged few."(Desjardins, Joseph) Finally, when applying utilitarianism to life, it means "happiness is the ultimate good." (Desjardins, Joseph)When faced with an initially small problem at work, I had to take all the above into consideration. I work for Future Shop, a successful electronic retailer that is now owned by the American company, Best Buy. During the orientation sessions, the management team discussed the importance of the employees' input and overallparticipation. Many hours were dedicated to voice everyone's roles in this big team effort and the importance of the "big picture" which included the end results. And to...