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Sarosh Chaudhry 11/14/11

Utopian Society?

Everybody wishes for a perfect society, but how can we get a perfect society? Nowadays as we can see that all over the world people are fighting for each others life and peace in this world has abolished and now people just hope for the utopian society. Utopian society is a society were almost everyone is equal to each other and they wish of being the best of all, whether they would have to sacrifice someone's life such as the text (The Harrison Bergeron). It has always been really hard for the society to have a perfect society to live in as there must have been something that will ruin the beauty of the community.

So for the perfection of the community people try to do such measures that. That the ones who hear what has been done they would cry out because still in the world people have never thought of an innocent peace such as what happened in "the Harrison Bergeron" where the H-G men could do any thing In order to bring the people equal to each other so she killed Harrison and the empress.

After that as if we could see that to improve we have to loose our family member we would never expect that to happen. So on same kind of situation Kurt Vonnegut wrote a story of a same situation where you have to be equal to everyone and you shouldn't be more powerful or more intelligent or beautiful so is this really why GOD has made us that we couldn't show are self we couldn't help others if we have more potential than others.

So the same thing was there on "The12 Angry Men" which was written by Reginald rose. In this story he wrote...