How various economic, cultural, and political forces affect Asian societies in reshaping the globalisation process.

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Executive Summary

This assignment presents the globalisation and its impact on Asian societies. It discusses the economic, social and political forces which are shaping the Asian society. The case of China's globalisation policy and its impact of on the rest of the world and its internal society is presented in detail. Furthermore the analysis of KOF index is also presented which is based on the economic, social and political globalisation with reference to China. The first section of the report deals with the globalisation and economic factors. It discuses the macro economic policy and economic reforms followed by its conclusion. The second section presents the cultural factors and the aspects of globalisation in Asia. The final section details the political factors. It also presents the effect of China's globalisation in retrospect. An analysis of changing modern Chinese society due to the globalisation is also presented followed by the commentary on KOF index ratings.

Table of Content


1. Globalisation and Economic Factors

1.1 Macro Economic Policy

1.2 Economic Reform

1.3 KOF Index Economic Analysis

1.4 Conclusion

2. Globalization and Cultural Factors

2.1 Aspects of globalization in Asia

2.2 KOF Index Social Analysis

2.3 Conclusion

3. Globalisation and Political Factors

3.1 China's Impact on Globalisation Process

3.2 Impact of Globalisation in Shaping Modern Chinese Society

3.3 KOF Index Political Analysis

3.4 Conclusion


The aim of this paper is to analyse the experience of Asia with globalisation and how it has impacted on economic growth, development, inequality and distribution. The paper will focus on three of the major Southeast Asian economies, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, which have experienced rapid growth due to rapid liberalisation and globalisation in the 1980s and 1990s, including the economic boom in the 1990s (OECD Development Centre: 94, rue Chardon-Lagache, 75016 Paris).

Nearly two years...