Is it a Violation? Sterilization of women.

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A poor family in a run-down neighborhood struggles to make ends meet. Since the cost of daycare is too expensive for the family to even consider, the mother is left responsible for the care of the three children. The father, who lacks education, is accountable for making enough money to support the household on his own. The highest paying job he can find, barely pays enough to take care of himself, so he and his family turn to Welfare for help. They continue to struggle to make ends meet when the mother gets pregnant once again. Knowing that they will now receive more money for the new child, they decide to keep the baby. What is wrong with this picture? Welfare was designed to give temporary help to those in a struggling situation and too many people are taking advantage and taking the benefits for granted. To restore some of the fairness and balance to the Welfare system, the government should enforce mandatory Norplant insertion to most women receiving welfare.

The sterilization of women in Medicaid and Welfare will result in lowering economic costs to society. The governments solution of implanting Norplant in women may seem glorified in its intent to eliminate such emphasized and worldly social problems however, by choosing this path, the government is choosing a path towards action- action against the insurmountable costs of our public Welfare system. By taking the action of forcible implantation of the Norplant device by women who CHOOSE to accept Welfare benefits, the government can control costs of public assistance, decrease the numbers of adolescent births, as well as decrease the educational problems and financial burdens that unplanned and mostly illegitimate births impose on society.

Forcing Norplant to most women on Welfare will also result in reduced population. It all starts...