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Intimate partner violence of African American women 1


Intimate Partner Violence, the causes and effects on African American Women

Caprisha Richmond

Lamar University

Intimate partner violence of African American women 2

Domestic Violence covers a wide range of races and many areas of the globe. While violence is a horrendous act in any relationship, it often occurs in many of them. There is no one race that is exempt, even though studies show the difference types and amounts of violence that occurs relative to a particular group or race of people. Many African American females are viewed as assertive and self confident. At times, African American females may even be described as confident or even pushy in their relationships. This description of an African American female may cause one to think that these women do not have encounters with violent domestic issues at the hands of their partners.

This may also cause society to think that African American women are even the instigators of relationship disagreements. For this reason, society sometimes view the female of an African American relationships as being less submissive or not as passive as women of other races. As clinicians and physicians examine abuse of African American women relative to intimate partner violence, it has been discovered that these women also experience all types of domestic violence, including the side effects that accompany violence, just as other women of other races. One may question that with this description of African American women being antagonistic in intimate partner relationships, how do they experience violence at the hands of their partners?

Rates and dynamics show that women of all races experience intimate partner violence. Contrary to popular belief, "other researchers have considered intimate violence to be a problem...