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Violence on TV Parents worry that their children are spending to many hours in front of the television screen. Many experts warn that there can be serious effects from children watching violence on television. Children might imitate the violence and crime that is viewed, might become frightened, and might become desensitized to real-life violence. Although the use of violence on television makes the shows more interesting, all parents should strictly monitor their children's viewing habits.

Children might imitate the violence and crime that they are seeing on television. After they watch television for a long period of time, they will often behave differently, especially if they've been watching violent programs. Every child almost certainly has a favorite superhero or show that they enjoy to watch and many of these kids tend to imitate their favorite scene. After the child has imitated their favorite show on television, they will occasionally act like their superhero in public.

The child may become very aggressive and try to be just like their favorite superhero. This could well result in hurting someone especially if the scene on television was exceptionally violent.

Some children are frightened by many programs showed on television. Watching programs that are very intimidating to young children can create terrifying images in the Sixteen-twenty-eight 2 child's mind. These images can have an effect on the way the child thinks and at nighttime when the child dreams, those dreams can turn to nightmares.

Along with becoming violent and scared, television shows can desensitize children. Children may become desensitized to real life violence, because they cannot distinguish clearly between reality and fantasy. If a child was to watch a violent television show that starred their favorite super hero, most unrealistically they will think that their hero is real. They may lose contact with the world of reality and dwell deeper into the world of fantasy relinquishing the ability to tell the difference between the two.

Although television has an effect in the child's behavior or the way the child is thinking, parents can protect their children from excessive TV violence in so many ways. They can pay attention to the programs their children are watching and watch with them. Parents can set limits on the amount of time their children spend watching the television. Parents should refuse to let the children see shows known to be violent, and change the channel or turn off the television when offensive material comes on. The amount of time children watch television, regardless of content, should be moderated because it decreases time spent on more beneficial activities such as reading, playing with friends, and developing hobbies.