Virtual Organization Staffing Strategies Case Study - Huffman Trucking

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Forecasts for continued organizational growth combined with a higher than industry turnover rate approaching 20% have necessitated the need to increase recruiting, consider internal transfers, and creation of a talent strategy succession plan.

The first strategy for Huffman Trucking is review and implementation of internal candidates for newly created positions. The employee intranet should contain a listing of all internal positions open within the organizations three offices. Internal postings should be very detailed in their content including such items as specific job descriptions and educational requirements. In addition, current applicants should be pre-screened in the same manner as external applicants to ensure appropriate competences and skill sets.

The organization has already implemented an online HRIS for Huffman employees, managers, and HRM. The addition of an employee internal resume would be an excellent addition to the employee self-serve software which would allow employees who wished to apply for an internal posting to do so electronically.

The internal resume should include employment information, organizational successes, employee development, and employee goals.

Succession planning is the quickest and most cost effective option for getting a qualified employee into an open position. HRM at Huffman Trucking should realign the organizations recruitment program to include succession planning. While recruitment at Huffman appears to be focused on the hiring of external applicants, a partnership between HRM and recruiting would help reduce turnover as internal promotions or cross-trained employees already have a track records, understand the organizations culture, and share common experiences (Wheeler, 2003, August 22).

The strategic creation of talent acceleration pools (TAP) results in a group of proven employees, ready to take on a variety of new challenges, who already understand the organization's mission and vision. Succession planning will ensure that the organization has a complete inventory of current organizational talent and capabilities as well as...