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Sheina Baybayan

August 31, 2014


Vision Essay

Assignment #1

When we think of sight, we often think of the physical aspect. A majority of us would say that our vision is one of the senses that we always depend on. But what happens when we lose that? Not just physically not being able to see, but also metaphorically losing our understanding of things.

In the short story Vision by Rabindranath Tagore, the main protagonist, Kumo, loses her sight. With her loss of vision she began the process of relying on her other senses. "Within an incredibly short space of time I managed to train myself to do all my household duties by the help of touch and sounds and smell. In fact I soon found that I could get on with greater skill than before. For sight often distracts rather than helps us." In this passage, Kumo makes it clear that the loss of her vision has helped her strengthen her other senses.

From my perspective, people are visual creatures by nature. We often feel helpless without use of our sight. It forces us to depend on our other senses. And of course, the longer you are without a certain sense, the more enhanced your other senses will become. Which is true in Kumo's case.

So how does losing one of our senses affect our relationship with people? The loss of Kumo's vision not only affected her physically, it brought about a certain change in her relationship with her husband, Abinash. At the beginning of her blindness, Abinash had taken up all the housework as to accommodate for her not being able to see. Kumo had stated that she was "delighted" that she could depend on him for the smallest things. I do not believe that she enjoyed...