In Vitro Fertilisation

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Human reproduction is a very sensitive topic with many boundaries. These boundaries consist of moral and ethical issues which prevent the acceptance of "unnatural" life. Some examples of "unnatural" life include cloning, and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The purpose of creating "unnatural" life, or life produced with the help of science, is because some male and females have become, or were from birth, infertile.

Reproductive technologies have been dismissed by many religions, and there is a huge problem of understanding the situation the infertile people have from the main population of fertile people. However, with the increase of people wanting to have children later on in their lives: when they have either become financially stable, after they found an ideal carrier, or after they found a partner, the increase of wanting children when infertile is increasing.

The reason women become infertile with age, is because "Eventually the ovary does not respond to the hormones that mature and release eggs and the woman experiences menopause."

This means, that she seizes to have the monthly routine of ovulation, and because the eggs are present in the woman since birth, as the woman ages, the eggs also age, which causes them to be of lower quality. However, this reason only accounts for 60% of female infertility, and there are still many other reasons.

Some of the reasons why women have problems with infertility can be due to: the oviducts being blocked or twisted, so the sex cells do not meet; the oestrogen hormone not being produced in the ideal amounts, thus making ovulation not occur regularly, and prevents the ova from not ripening in the ovary; the vagina being infected, which does not let sperm to pass through; there may be no present ova in the ovary, making no female gamete; and progesterone...