The Voice of the People: Kahlil Gibran, a writter of the 18th century, and "Spirits Rebellious".

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The Voice of the People

A hero is a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities. A hero is also what you perceive it to be, because heroism is about your personal values and what you think to be noble. Kahlil Gibran has accomplished many things in his life, was well known, and many looked up to him and still do today.

In the town of Besharri in North Lebanon, Kahlil grew up with his mother, Kamila, father, Kahlil, brother, Butrus, and two sisters, Marina and Sultana. He was close with his mother who supported him in his artistic tendencies, unlike his father who discouraged them. Butrus was his half brother, from his mother's first marriage, which was very uncommon and looked down upon in his day. In 1895, his father was thrown into jail while Kamila takes Kahlil and his siblings to America where he is free to study.

Fred Holland Day is a man who Kahlil looked up to and had an intellectual impact on Kahlil's life. 1897, at age 19, Kahlil returns to Lebanon to study religion and ethics, 1902, he returns to Boston, where thee years later he publishes his first writing which is on music.

Though Kahlil went through rough times in his life and achieved many great things, this is not why I view him as a hero. He was a famous author; The Prophet was the book that made his mark on the world. Spirits Rebellious, The Storm, and The Madman are a few of his other writings that impacted me. Characters in his stories had many qualities of heroes, such as when he went out in the bitter cold snow because he went against everything he had been taught in his home. He had the courage to say what everyone else...