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All prime ministers have different ways of treating people. Laurier for instead had made some changes at the turn of the century. Laurier tried to make Canada a prefect place to live, which would make all Canadians happy. His compromises were a good thing for the country. The French-English Relations, the Boer war and The Naval Issue were some of the example, which proved this.

The Manitoba School Question was one of the first compromises that proved Laurier was great. British North America Act of 1867 guaranteed the right to denominational schools in all provinces; this meant that French Canadians could send their children to catholic schools where the language of instruction would be French. Laurier's government proposed that catholic and French language should be supported by other and in the end, English became the only language of instruction and Catholics were allowed only limited rights. Laurier called his approach "the sunny way" and told that the religious public system would remain, but however, schools with more non-English speaking students the teacher had to offer instruction in the language of those students.

Overall Laurier tried to do his best to make everyone happy and you can see that by argument number two which talks about the Boer war.

The Boer war is the second compromise that proved why Laurier was good. Laurier decided that Canada would send volunteers who wanted to join the British army in South Africa. Laurier pleased neither English nor French- Canadians compromise over the Boer war. Students from English-speaking McGill University were celebrating a British victory in the Boer war on March 5, 1990. In the Boer war Laurier thought that he was making half of the people happy but the English imperialists augured that Laurier did not do enough. You can find more about how...