Waiting for Godot

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After reading Waiting for Godot, it seemed that the two main characters, Vladimir and Estragon didn't accomplish anything through the entire book. Yet, when looking at the book through an existentialism view, the characters are portraying what the true meaning of like really means. The use of repetition as a distraction from truth, fate, chaos on earth and time all show the true meaning of human life on earth. The continual attempt to place meaning on human existence is shown to be absurd and that humans will continually distract themselves from the truth, and that no matter how hard they try; fate has already been set for them.

The purpose of human life is an unanswerable topic of discussion. We do not know where to look or whom to ask for an answer. Therefore, humans try to impose meaning on life through pattern and fabricated purposes to distract themselves from the fact that our situation is hopelessly incomprehensible.

The play shows the feelings and views of life through Estragon and Vladimir, who have different understandings on why life really exists and what humans can get out of it. Vladimir represents the thought and mind of the human being. He understands that Godot might not come, and that they should continue to wait, hoping to be saved when he comes. Estragon, on the other hand, represents the body of the human. He does not think about his existence on earth. He has no memory of what happened the previous day and he is concerned primarily upon the materialistic things in life, such as the boots and the vegetables.

The idea of fate is brought up numerous times in the book and it is concluded that human life is determined by chance, a common theory amongst existentialists. This is clear from the...