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Wow, I smell a monopoly, a monopoly that monopolizes the market by not thinking about maintaining a healthy economy, Wal-Mart.

"Every new supercenter that Wal-Mart opens, two supermarkets will close." Over a long run, once Wal-Mart achieve its goal of extending the business, either within the U.S. or internationally, no body else can open up the door with Wal-Mart together.

As Wal-Mart grows, not only most of the people in the America are from foreign countries, but now most goods are, too. Regardless of other importations, "$12 billion worth of Chinese goods Wal-Mart bought in 2002 represented 10% of all U.S. imports from China." Once Wal-Mart offer low price for these foreign goods, who will ever again bother higher price made-in-America products?

Wal-Mart keeps the revenue high by subtracting less expense from their income.

Salary expense is one of the biggest expenses of a company. According to the article, Wal-Mart Stores, as the world's largest company in 2002, pays their workers 30% less on average than others.

If every worker of Wal-Mart is the only one person who is working in a family of three, Wal-Mart is generating the U.S. 1.4 million poor families in 2001.

The way Wal-Mart works is what capitalism works. However, except for economist, if consumers can buy the same product for the lowest price only in Wal-Mart, who cares how it works?