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We live in a capitalist society where the competition exists between companies; this makes our economy very strong. More and more, big corporations want to destroy this loyal competition to have the economic monopoly. Most of them continue to expand to increase their profit without thinking of the terrible consequences they create around them. Among these capitalist companies for the most part American, there is Wal-Mart, a big known super center which became the largest corporation in the world. For a few years, Wal-Mart has made a big expansion in other countries by building around one new store every 42 hours. Most the people see Wal-Mart as a good place to save money by buying stuff less expansive than in other stores; Are they really aware of the bad consequences that Wal-Mart produces? I guess not. For these reasons, it will be shown what effects are produced and how Wal-Mart is a disease for the economy, the society and the individuals.

The consequences generated by Wal-Mart produce a domino effect starting by the other companies. "Forcing the closure of competing retail stores is a Wal-Mart specialty, as is its destruction of many of America's leading textile and apparel manufacturers and food companies."(Freeman, Wal-Mart Eats' More, 2003)Taking the market, Wal-Mart forces the other competitor companies to low down the price of their products. Gradually, they will encounter difficulty to compete with Wal-Mart; so, they will have to reduce the worker salary or to dismiss employees to survive. If it still continues to going bad, the competitors companies will have to shut down. Seeing that and wanting to continue to sell their product, the producers and suppliers companies will ask Wal-Mart to sell their products. At the beginning, it was the supplier of products who told Wal-Mart the price to...