War in Iraq

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The media has presented thousands of issues to the public over a long period of time. Up until now, war is the main theme in our society. The war in Iraq started not long ago and has had a devastating affect on everyone. The media though has brought up-to-date coverage on the war, providing the public with information on what is going on at this time in the world. "The issue of war is in everyone's minds" according to surveys. On newspapers, titles such as "My husband is my hero" and "They gave up their lives for a safer world" really get into people's minds once they skim past the page.

"War has broken," says the media. On the 21st of March 2003, the 2nd Gulf War began. Residents of Iraq are fleeing to get out of the country. In the public's opinion, there should have not ever been any war.

Whenever you turn on your T.V. to watch the news coverage on Iraq, you will always see the anti-war protesters protesting against the war on Iraq. The question is not "Does Hussein have any weapons of mass destruction?" but merely "Should there be any war at all?" "Who is the enemy?" "Hussein or Bush?" These are the questions you need to think over throughout this speech.

So far anti-war protest rallies have been held all over Australia and according to the media, it John Howard says that he will not change his mind on such an important issue just because of these protests. He calls it "nonsense". The previous Sunday-telegraph has already reported several student strikes in the past few weeks. We do not want war, we want peace. War is not the best solution to this. War is a weapon of mass destruction. Consider these facts of war...