War on Iraq

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In our society today, war is a major conflict and it affects everyone. Over the past couple of months, President George H. W. Bush has wanted to stop Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. Many nations of the World do not agree with Bush but only a select few.

I chose this topic to research because I found it to be very interesting. I only had a general view of the topic and wanted to get in-depth with the details. There are many reasons why this topic is politically related. In a politics course, we learn about many different issues around the globe. War is a topic that has affected our history. The Bush versus Saddam conflict affects our economy, society, citizens, politicians and the World as a whole. This conflict is just one of the many of thousands of political issues occurring in the World today. I have learned a whole lot from doing this research assignment.

I never thought about the war in perspective, but as I read through the articles everyday, I soon realized that if a war does occur, it has an affect on me; the whole World is affected.

The United States has a questionable reputation with Iraq. There is no doubt that Iraq is willing to go to war with the United States without hesitation. There are many factors that prove the United States and Iraq would go to war against each other without being reluctant. Iraq and the United States have a hostile relationship and history with each other.

The whole conflict started when President Bush had stated that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The U.N. had searched Iraq for the weapons, but failed to find any. In the Toronto Sun on February 20, 2003 (Death Ships, page 2)...