War with Iraq, reasons it occurred and personal opinion on why it was a good idea.

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The United States supported Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war, but relations quickly became sour. The Persian Gulf War was fought because Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq, grew power hungry and invaded Kuwait, thus breaking UN sanctions. The U.S. decided that action must be taken and, with over twenty other nations, took out Iraq's military. Hussein was left in power, which the world has learned to regret. In 1998, Iraq was found to have weapons that once again broke sanctions, and the U.S. went in again with a series of air raids. Recently, Iraq, for the third time now, broke United Nations sanctions and forced the U.S. to take action. The U.S. had to take initiative because no one else had the capabilities or will to go against Iraq.

Saddam Hussein is still the dictator of Iraq and maintains his rule despite all of the atrocities he has caused to his country.

Hussein worked behind the scenes of the military coup that returned the Baath Party to power and was second in command. In 1979, Saddam Hussein assumed the titles president, prime minister, commander of the armed forces, secretary-general of the Baath party, and chairman of the ruling Revolutionary Command Council. He then created a "personality cult" where he had posters plastered everywhere and built propaganda in his favor. Hussein also launched chemical bombings on the Kurdish (non-Arabic) populations in his own country. His rampages of terror have cost hundreds of thousands of deaths. The power hungry dictator would not accept the rules of the intervening UN and U.S., and he led his country into yet another war. Hussein and his regime must be stopped and wiped out so that they cannot cause more problems, and so that the Iraqi people can be liberated.

Iraq has been in countless conflicts...