war in the trenches

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War in the Trenches

Michael Liscio

Mr. Van Dewark

Friday, March 23, 2012


The war including both the triple alliance; Germany, Austria-Hungry and Italy vs. the triple enteé; Britain, France and Russia, was a war to never be forgotten. There were many tragedies throughout the whole entire battlefield, since the war began in 1914-1918. 5 There are many reasons why the war in the trenches has a high significance just because it explains how most of the soldiers lived throughout their worthwhile; some include the amount of lice you were bound to inherit, food in the trenches and rat trench infestation. War in the trenches were difficult times, the soldiers fought and Soldiers Died, some lived through World War One, others lived but were disabled for the rest of their lives, everyone who fought in the Trenches and lived had lost close friends or family members.

4 Lice played an important role in the trenches and was significant in WW1 because Men in the trenches suffered from it, many soldiers writing after the war described them as pale fawn in colour, and they left blotchy red bite marks all over your body.

They also created a nasty smell. Numerous methods were used to remove the lice, and not like the technology we have today with prescriptions being handed out by your local pharmacist, to get rid of these bugs in the trenches, the most effective way was to light a candle to the thickest swarm of them and apply, but the skill of burning the lice without burning your clothes was only learnt with practice. Lice were a never-ending problem, breeding in the seams of filthy clothing and causing men to itch constantly.

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