Wars on the U.S. This will explore the War on

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Wars on the U.S.

This will explore the War on Terrorism and Desert Storm. They will be looked at closely and determined if both were a just war. In order for a war to be just it has to be the last resort. They must have tried all peaceful options before war is started. It also has to be waged by legitimate authority. Congress and the President much declare war. Third a just war must only be fought as self-defense or to adjust a wrongdoing. They have to have a reason to go in and start a war we have to either have been threaded or been bombed or hurt by another country or person.

War of Desert Storm Saddam Hussian took control of Iraq in 1979. He was a man that wanted control of a lot of places, people, and resources. In 1990 he invaded Kuwait in less then four hours.

In that time period, he had controlled 24% of the world?s oil. Saddam wanted to take control of everything his next target was Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia was allies with the United States. Saddams forces came into Kuwait in 1990. The United States gave Iraq a dead line to be out of Kuwait on January 15, 1991. Saddam ignored what the United States had said, and on January 16, at 2:40 A.M, what was once called Operation Desert Shield, had turned into Operation Desert Storm. For the first 37 days, the war was almost entirely of air strikes. Most strikes were towards air bases, missile launchers, and communication facilities.

It wasn?t until February 24 at 4 a.m. the first grounds attack was launched. This attack only lasted four days. The ground forces were sent to destroy bridges, highways, water filtration systems, and electric power plants. The air strikes had killed thousands of Iraqi troops. This made the U.S. ground forces able to destroy bases without conflicts. On February 27, President Bush ordered a cease-fire. By this time, Iraq had been beaten, and Kuwait was liberated. It had been the largest air and ground offensive from the U.S since World War II.

This war was just because Saddam Hussein had been warned that if he did not change his ways, then the U.S. would use military forces and actions. He refused and that is when President Bush gave permission to use the necessary forces needed. So in all, this war was not our fault, and it was a just war.

Desert Storm, in my opinion is a just war. Saddam was given a deadline when to be out of Kuwait. He ignored what the United States had said and kept going in to Kuwait, trying to take over, that one example of a peaceful opinion. Bush also suggested a Soviet-Iraq peace plan for a gradual withdrawal that does not comply with UN resolutions and gives Iraq an ultimatum to be out of Kuwait by noon on January 16.

The war on Terrorism The war on terrorism has been a never-ending war. There will always be terrorist groups in the world no matter what precautions are taken or how high security measures are taken. To define terrorism is simply an act to create fear and anxiety among the innocent civilian world. Terrorism has been going on for many years and in many countries. Since the late 1960?s, there has been thousands of terrorist ? related deaths and injuries.

In 1983, Lebanese terrorists bombed the Marine Corps barracks in which almost 250 U.S Marines were killed. This added to the reason to adopt precautions and security checks to insure that at least some of the terrorism could be stopped. This was in an attempt to gain political control. Many attempts and acts of terrorism are to achieve political goals.

The most common act of terrorism to America today is that of the World Trade Center attacks in New York City on September 11th 2001. This was were more than 3,000 people were killed. A terrorist group hijacked airliners and turned our own planes against us by crashing them into two U.S symbols of commercial and military importance.

The same terrorists also hijacked planes that day and crashed it into the pentagon. More than 120 people were killed in this incident. The fourth plane was crashed into near Pennsylvania. In the four planes approximately 260 people died.

War on Terrorism was not a just war. Terrorist just came into the United States and used our own planes to destroy U.S. symbols. The terrorist pilots that did this act were taught how to fly jet commercial liners in on our own land at a base in Florida. Terrorists have a lot of influence on civilians who rebel in the United States. Exactly 7 days after the terrorist attacks on the world trade centers, a young boy at the age of 15, who had been taking flying lessons in Florida, walked into the air base that he had been taking lessons at, and stole a plane. The young boy then took off in the plane and flew almost 27 minutes before anyone even knew that the plane was gone, they then radioed to the pilot to turn the plane around and fly back towards the base and they would have a helicopter escort the plane back. The boy ignored the frequent radio calls and flew the plane into one of the largest and most populated cities in the U.S, Miami Florida. He then lowered the plane to around 100 feet above the ground, aimed at a tall building, and crashed into it, killing himself and injuring almost 30 others.

The building did not fall to the ground, but glass and debris fell onto the street, cars, and people walking underneath. Eyewitnesses said that the plane made a loud noise right before it crashed, and it was turning as it was coming close. Some even said that the boy was probably just trying to scare people inside, and tried to turn away from the building but was unable to.

This is just one way that terrorists and terrorist groups can influence people.

There are so many principles in determining if a war is just or not. Maybe Terrorist had a reason to come over here and destroy us. They need to try to sort the problem out peacefully and make war the last resort. There must be a reasonable chance of success. You must try not to hurt or put civilians in any danger and take great care in avoiding not hitting one.

?Our fight is with bin Laden and his supporters, not with the people of Afghanistan. Our military will do everything possible to keep Afghani citizens from being harmed, even at the risk of their own lives. Too many innocent men, women and children have already been killed.? President Bush said this, at an interview after the Terrorist attacks. Bush is going to go war with Bin Laden the leader of the terrorist that crashed the planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the site in Pennsylvania. Bush has no intentions of hurting the innocent people of Afghanistan. Are military is going to fight the terrorist that might strike again. Most of the terrorist who were involved in these acts did not have intentions of living. Many of the civilians have been hit but, we try are best not to hurt any of them. In a war like this many innocent people die it?s all part of war.

In conclusion to what a just war is or isn?t there must be rules. Everything you do there are rules and regulations. Desert Storm was a just war. They used peaceful opinions before going to war. There was a reason for war it was to free Kuwait, it started because, of debt repayment and oil production. War was the last resort. On the other hand War on Terrorist was not a just war. There were no reasons for a war. Bush is using the rules of war to get back at Bin Laden and terrorist. The principals are being used in every way. We are not hurting civilians, we have a equal chance of success in these war. It is the last resort.