Waste Management

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As most of us are aware, waste management in Canada has become a big issue because we use more than we can handle, and it slowly pollutes our air and water. In this report I will be defending the harmful side of this topic.


Subordinate Points

a) The exposure of poorly maintained landfill or hazardous waste sites can cause deadly side effects such as cancer, birth defects and genetic mutation.

b) Toronto is the 6th city, with the most garbage per person.

c) Landfills produce 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide which makes it very flammable (knowing that methane is extremely flammable).

d) One tonne of methane produces the same greenhouse gas effect as 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

e) Landfills take up valuable ecosystems are a threat to organisms

f) Canadians are only recycling 20% of our overall waste stream, though 30% of those materials are recyclable.

g) 30-60% of urban waste is compostable

Supportive Details

a) Waste Management is at a crucial state, already one of Toronto's biggest dumps near Wonderland had been closed down because it reached its limit. Therefore we have to find another site where we can dump all our garbage, site after site Canada's beautiful scenery will become pills of garbage. Not only does the garbage take much of our ecosystem but also it adds to greenhouse gases, which causes the depletion of the ozone layer. Most of the things that we through to the curb every Thursday, can be recycled our decomposed. Since, most of us are very lazy we tend to throw out decomposable and recyclable items.

Synthesis/ Conclusion

Most of us neglect the topic of waste management and feel as if other people are there to take care of it. This is nothing but true, we all take part...