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The process of creating an effective strategy for the United States to export a portion of its water supply to Mexico is complex for a variety of reasons. Specifically, the regulations behind this process are complicated, and therefore, these issues must be continuously addressed in order to identify the most pertinent areas of significance. Relations between the United States and Mexico have been tumultuous in recent years, and in particular, problems related to border entry and control are critical to the stability of this relationship, which has placed considerable stress on the ability of Mexican residents to secure the U.S. water supply. It is inevitable the current economy, market conditions, and other social factors contribute to these problems, and an evaluation of specific circumstances related to these problems will be addressed in the following paragraphs through literature reviews and personal analyses.

Target Economy

Control over the U.S.-Mexican border has increased in importance in recent decades, as this area has become increasingly important with respect to environmental issues.

In response to these needs, both countries have adopted a binational approach, as they have examined problems with the shared border in great detail, attempting to identify areas where collaborative efforts would be effective (Brown, 2003). A number of boards and commissions have been established in order to identify areas of potential conflict and confusion regarding water resources, and many areas of expertise, including government, local agencies, members of academic institutions, and other independent organizations have collaborated in order to identify the most critical areas of need and influence in the current market (Brown, 2003). It is anticipated that by evaluating these issues, new forms of knowledge will be generated in favor of developing an effective strategy (Brown, 2003).

The export of water from the United States to Mexico is one of...