The Way Of The Wind

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." Jeff followed him without question. As he trailed behind the emotionless assistant, he finally noticed his stone hand. At first he was surprised and was opening his mouth to ask about it, when he thought better. Whatever had happened, he really didn't want to know. His life was becoming weird enough as is. Besides, around here a stone hand was probably pretty normal.

"Mr. And Mrs. Xanatos are in the dinning hall." Owen said, opening the door and moving aside so he could enter.

Jeff entered the large hall and was amazed once again. The room was massive, with incredible crystal chandeliers decorating the roof far above. A long wooden table, large enough to seat a small army, ran the length of the room. At the far end, Mr. And Mrs. Xanatos sat in their chairs, enjoying their dinner. David noticed him and motioned him forward.

"Come Mr. Galvano.

We were just beginning dinner." Jeff walked to the end of the table, acutely aware of his jeans and shirt. He sat down gently in a chair that looked more like it belonged in a museum or an art collection rather than at a dinner table.

"Mr. Galvano, I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Fox" Jeff turned and stared at the woman in front of him. She was extremely beautiful with an odd tattoo over one eye. He recalled hearing that she was on a TV show at one point, but he had never seen it, not being really interested in that sort of ninja show.

"Hello." Jeff said to Fox. "And please, call be Jeff. When people call be Mr. Galvano I feel like I'm in trouble for something." Both David and Fox laughed at this. "Well, we don't want that, now do we Jeff" Mr. Xanatos...