We fear what we do not understand.

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We fear what we do not understand

Since the beginning of time, God has given us the unique ability to think and learn. We have been created with the necessary instincts to observe our surroundings in order to gain a broader understanding of our existence. We have a natural passion to learn about what is new to us. However, when we observe something unfamiliar, we distance ourselves from it, and eventually fear its existence. Our judgment prevents us from understanding and learning about the reality of its properties and characteristics. It is part of our human nature to recognize ourselves as supreme dominant species, when we feel that something can become a threat to our dominancy we immediately develop a tendency to fear it, thus, we gain an urge to destroy it. Humans have a vast history of conflicts with what they do not understand. This turn of events has led to paranoia and eventually the destruction of what we personally judge is a source of danger.

The first example that I will be presenting is the conflict between Man and Nature. Since the early 1700's sailors have mysteriously lost their lives while on a journey into the unknown. Tails of sea monsters were documented in books, and stories of their existence were carried on from generation to generation. Later, we came to understand that we were only dealing with what we presently recognize as sharks. The shark was a new type of species, which we knew little about. After the reports of shark attacks on humans, the hunting of those beautiful animals was initiated. By the mid 1900's thousands of dead sharks were laid on the shores. It was not until a decade later that humans ultimately realized what kind of impact they were having upon this delicate species.