We had to compose an interview between Edgar Allen Poe and ourselves. It describes the meaning behind a number of his stories and also gives a detailed backround of his life.

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I am going to compose an interview that Edgar Allan Poe and I had just before the accident. I was sentenced to life in prison for the horrible crime I committed. My hope is that one day I can escape from this infernal prison. When I do escape, I shall vindictively punish my wife for she is the reason I am in this position. I will be very furtive about it though. No one will know who committed the crime. No one will know I am missing. If they were to find out, they will never find me. I will not be caught a second time. HA HA HA!

Now the story I am about to tell you is intricate, but I shall tell it as best I can. I swear it happened. Mad, I am not! I was lying in my room as my wife was cooking dinner. The pots clamor angered me.

This was the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death (October 7, 1849) that some one hundred fifty years ago. It was a terrible day and no one knows just how he died, but I do. He spoke with me. I never really could see him. All I could do was ask a question and hope for Edgar to reply. I now thankfully know everything I could possibly want about Poe. Here is the interview we had...

(I) First I would like to ask about a few of your stories. What is "The Ravens" meaning to you?

(E) I wrote "The Raven" while grieving about the death of Virginia. Virginia was the raven and I am the man. This poem being my most well known has a certain significance of it all that I would forever mourn the death of my beloved Virginia.

(I) Why did...