“We should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” In Kie

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?We should Cherish Our Children?s Freedom to Think? In Kie Ho?s essay ?We should Cherish Our Children?s Freedom to Think,? Ho argues that America education is not as advanced in academics as other countries but it is surely much better in other ways than many countries in the world. Ho shows that American education tends to teach young children to develop their own creativity more, rather than trying to fill their brain with knowledge, like a can of sausage. The essay consists mainly of the personal experience of Ho and his son in American school. When Ho was young he always had to memorize things, such as all the major cities in the world, lines from Hamlet, and a lot of math formulas. In contrast, his son in California learned everything through experiences, for example, when he was six he had to draw a map from his home to school and label every streets and building that he passed.

Ho supports his argument about creativity and memorization very carefully, but it was not based on sufficient research. Some of his arguments are ineffective because he only used his own personal experience and his son?s experience in the American school.

When my brother An, he first went to the American school, he was impressed with the developing of the creativity. Most of Ho?s personal experiences are very similar to my brother personal experiences when he was in his American elementary school. Ho?s argument on the development creativity is true, to my brother. He himself was really impressed by the way American school offered many different opportunities to the students to do whatever they wanted. For example, I recognized when An in elementary school, he knows how to created an apple bug, and know how to name it. Its body was made...