Welding Safety

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Welding can be a very dangerous to more than just your eyes; this is why it is very important to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from the top of your head to tip of your toes. Here are other areas that welding can cause problems in:

Skin: When you are welding make sure you do not have any unprotected skin. When your skin is unprotected it is exposed to hot metal, sparks and UV radiation (arc welding). The hot metal and sparks can cause burns. Trust me I learned the hard way. The UV radiation also causes burns, it is just like sunlight and with long term exposure it can cause skin cancer. Nobody wants that.

Hearing: Welding can generate noise at levels which cause hearing loss. Thus wearing some type of ear protection is suggested

Respiratory: Proper ventilation is very important. If you perform welding operations in a poorly ventilated area, you are at risk of inhaling fumes, gas and dust present in the air as a result of welding.

These elements enter your lungs and can cause flu-like symptoms known as metal fume fever. Some symptoms of metal-fume fever are: fever, chills, headaches, joint pain, nausea, fatigue and cough. The flu like symptoms may clear up in a day or two, but can take up to 4 days to fully recover.

Head: This is just like the skin Sparks can burn your hair, causing painful damage to your scalp and skin.

Neck and Back: Standing for long periods of time bent over your work can cause stress to your back. The traditional "nodding of the helmet" -- flicking your face shield down with your head and neck just before starting -- can cause neck strain. Taking breaks can help from causing these injuries.

Eyes:-The intense visual...